Distance from Mykonos: 4 Km  
The beach of Platis Gialos is situated on the south coast of Mykonos, between the beaches of Psarou and Paraga and took its name from the village which is located directly behind. Platis Gialos Beach is 4 kilometers away
Previous beach: Psarou beach 6 km
Next beach: Paraga beach 2 Km
Distance from Airport: 4, 5 km
Closest Super Market: At the beach
Closest Restaurant: At the Beach

from the city of Mykonos and is easily accessible by bus or private car (private or rental car or moped). Platis Yialos offers a choice of water sports activities such as jet skiing, water skiing and etc.

The clear, shallow waters and fine white sand of the beach is ideal for families with children. Around the beach, there are small shops, bars and seafood restaurants for lunch and dinner.

The beach service is offered on the beach of Platis Gialos from all adjacent restaurants and bars. Platis Gialos is a tourist center of Mykonos with many hotels, rooms and villas to rent.

From Platis Gialos leaves the taxi boats carrying tourists and visitors to the southern beaches of Mykonos (the beaches of Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Elia and Agrari).


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