Distance from Mykonos: 5, 5 km  
Paradise beach is one of the most famous beaches of Mykonos and is well known since the days of the hippies in the sixties. At beach of Paradise, you have a wide range of activities from which you can ‘choose, such as
Previous beach: Paraga 2 Km
Next beach: S. Paradise 6 km
Distance from Airport: 5 km
Closest Super Market: At the Beach
Closest Restaurant: At the Beach
water sports, diving centers, bars and nightclubs. Nudism is allowed on the beach of Paradise. To reach the beach, you can use the bus, motorbike, car or the taxi boats that leave from the beach of Platys Gialos.


Paradise is located on the south coast of Mykonos between the beaches of Paraga and Super Paradise and is 5.5 kilometers away from the town of Mykonos. Just a few steps behind the beach you will find the famous campsite "Paradise Camping" with lots of space for tends, bungalows and rooms to rent.



In Paradise camping there’s lots of nightlife especially during the high season (July – August) with discos and bars. Famous are the "Full Moon Party" who take part when there’s the full moon. In Paradise beach you will find also much water sport activities.


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